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  If you do...

Studies with young children
High-Volume studies
Recordings in the real world
...then we have a solution for you

Wearable eye-tracking everywhere

Easy and reliable data analysis

Fast to set-up and use
The Wearcam

Novel Features

o Its ultra wide field of view is more than 3 times larger than any other existing eye-tracker.

o The WearCam microphones record the sounds and voices in the environment.

o With its offline calibration you can record data right away, and do not have to bother the user with a time consuming calibration phase.

o The WearCam uses no infra-red lights to track the gaze, this allows it to be used outdoors in sunlight!

Fields of Application

o Psychological / behavioral studies - discover where people look during social interactions

Marketing / customer research - measure what products pick the attention

Training of professionals - study how experts and trained athletes explore their environment

Entertainment industry - put yourself in the eyes of somebody else
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